Free Xylography Style Old School Tattoo Vector Illustration

Creating a tattoo means that we put something on our skin, our body eternally. Therefore, choosing something attractive at least for our preferences is necessary. A little bit of mystic and supernatural touch for tattoos isn’t a bad idea. It’s distinct and unique in some way, it has its fan alone. To realize those ideas, here is the hand drawn creation of the old school themes provided for you.

This is an authentic and versatile design for tattoos. This design is an old school stamp or Xylography Style in hand drawn. It’s like a symbol in a mystical theme which has an occult or magical impression. Someone who loves horoscopes or ancient cultures might love this kind of design that much. This collection consists of sun, eyes, pictures, axe, and knife which are created in ancient style, just like how the horoscope things are usually described, just like how the ancient civilization drew them on the stone cave.

The collection consists of 6 EPS vector graphic elements. It’s designed for tattoo design. Whether a permanent tattoo or some tattoo stickers, no matter what it is it would be a perfect design to print. Additionally, it might also be possible to use this collection to decorate any creative design which has an equal theme.

Using this design for creating your tattoo or as references for your client might be useful and helpful. It’s beautifully designed to be a stunning ornamental symbol which may give us a magical impression. Therefore having this old school tattoo on your collection is necessary. To get all of this collection for free, kindly click the link below to download:

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6 Xylography Old School Tattoo - (VECTOR)

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