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Vintage style design has its own place for its fans, boho theme isn’t an exception. Boho which typically has earth tone color identical to feminine impression. Sometimes it’s also related to calm and mysterious. However, in this collection we’re proudly presenting the boho frame design which has a tender touch in it. It’s created in square shape adjusted to social media post needs.

This collection is created to show a feminine side of personal branding. It’s created in a smooth retro color just like popular teens who love trendy indie. It’s a design of a typical bohemian which is slender and sweet. The warm color makes it have a tranquil impression to be looked at. Boho style is one of the so-called aesthetics for social media users nowadays.

It’s a frame template in square (1:1 ratio) with the text and image put on the frame. This boho frame design can be fully personalized. It’s provided in PSD format which makes it easy to edit. You can freely customize the images, text, and the color as well. It’s possible to make it look more colorful which might be possible to change the boho theme itself.

The possibility of editing it personally makes this collection recommended to download and use. Since it can fully be customized it might be easy to make it distinct to others. But of course make sure to edit it first before uploading it on social media. Editing this template might avoid your post being the same with others.

If you find it interesting to use this template for your social media post, for your personal branding digitally, make sure to download this collection by click the link download below:

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