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The newest collection for you is the Torn Paper collection to complete your design perfectly. It’s a collection which provides various torn paper which is ready to use easily. The torn is typically in the middle of the paper and builds a hole space in it. The space itself could be distinguished in 3 styles of the torn paper. You can check them on the preview above, there are rounded spaces and long spaces. Another type is there are some which have ripped rolled up details on the edge of the space.

The space on the middle of the paper is filled with a transparent background which allows you to put something behind it and still be visible. It could be used as a copyspace to decorate your text design more stunningly. It could be more attractive since the ripped edges are detailed. The details make it look more appealing and it’s best for graphic design element resources.

It’s possible to use this collection endlessly. It could be used for anytype of artwork, it’s possible to use this collection for social media and even for creative books. Using this collection to promote something as a poster is also possible. It depends on how you work with it creatively. It could be used countless times.

These ripped papers are in PNG format. It makes it easy to combine it with anything and could be edited on any kind of graphic design app. There are 15 PNG in total for this collection. However, we provide it in a premium version. If you want it for free, you can try to use the demo version instead. There are 3 PNG that you can try in the demo version. Both premium and demo versions are provided in the best quality.

Absolutely you would love to use this torn paper collection, there would be no doubt by having this collection on your own. Therefore, to make it yours just click the link below directly:

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