Free Abstract Wet Liquids Grain Texture Background

We’re proudly presenting a new background collection for you. It’s a colorful background to support a cheerful theme for any kind of use. The cheerful impression is built from the several color blended forming gradient look. The grainy texture added to make it look softer. There are 3 backgrounds in this collection which each have a different blend color.

These backgrounds have a fancy look. Even if it consists of several colors in a background, it could maintain its elegant and modern look perfectly. We create this collection carefully so that we can provide it beautifully and don't be tacky. However, somehow it still can give an eccentric impression in a good way. It’s best to be used to decorate something to be highlighted.

It can deliver a strong message perfectly. Therefore using this collection for promotions or advertisements is a good decision. It could be used as wallpaper alone, or combine it with your creative ideas to create posters, phone cases, social media posts, or any other creative project. Those could be unexpectedly amazing.

This collection is provided with 3 JPG backgrounds. Those are provided in good qualities, therefore it might be possible to use this collection endlessly on various project boards. You don’t need to worry that the use of this collection is limited, because it’s created considering that this collection could be used in a wide medium as well. Just try to explore with this collection, you may build something more pretty with it.

The use of this collection is probably endless and the project using this collection could be pretty as well. Therefore there is no doubt to collect these backgrounds for yourself. If you find this collection is interesting, just click the link below to download:

3 Abstract Wet Liquids Background - (JPG)

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