Free Abstract Line Geometric Shape Vector

Our newest collection is the modern shapes created by following the original shapes of hexagon and triangle. This is an abstract geometric shape vector which is created in a modern way to show the luxurious, minimalist, and abstract side of the shapes. It consists of 15 new abstract geometric shapes which are created in such a way to give a distinct and new touch for your creative design.

This collection has abstract shapes which are suitable to be used for logos and any design elements. For instance, it’s possible to create patterns and ornaments using this collection. The lines established the shapes are editable, the thickness can be adjusted according to our preferences. Therefore, it’s possible to create any design using this collection endlessly. Those various designs include branding, social media posts, print and digital advertisement, wedding invitations, and many more design possibilities. 

Those 15 shapes are provided in vector EPS & PNG format which means that it can be edited endlessly. It’s possible to scale the size of the shapes without worrying that the change might reduce the quality. It’s also possible to create any creative project using this collection with the high quality result.

Using this collection for your creative design project might be so useful to give a trendy retro touch. Your design might radiate something that seems different and becomes stand out. Therefore, make sure to collect this collection by click the link below:

15 Abstract Line Geometric Shape Vector - (EPS)

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