Free 3 Abstract Minimal Glass Photo Collection

Minimalist lifestyle has become something of interest lately. The rising trend might start since books about Japanese minimalism became a topic time by time. However, minimalism has actually become a thing since a long time, especially when it comes to the approach of art, minimalism in art has been used by many 20th century artists. Minimalism of art is focused on a minimal amount of composition to construct the art.

As well as the minimalism in photography, the minimalist style is created by emphasizing its simplicity and setting aside all of the unnecessary components for their works. Just like what we’ve put on this offer, the abstract minimal glass photo collection. It’s a transparent glass photographed in various perspectives on a clear white background with a natural light illuminate. Those minimal components make the photographed glass have shadow reflection which looks alive.

This minimalist photo collection can be used to decorate your comfy home to feel spacious and cool. You just need to print this photo and then put it on a frame, then a simple wall art is ready to be displayed for your decoration. But it may be an unnecessary thing to keep? We don’t know for sure. However, you don’t need to set aside or declutter all of your things, you can keep your things that spark joy, just like putting a minimalist photo for your decoration that may be soothing to look at.

This pack consists of 3 minimalist photographs with the same composition but in different glass positions. 2 of the photos position the glass in abstract, however it’s captured well to present a nice wall art to be. This photo collection is interesting to be displayed, it can be used for decorating home. Minimal decoration to give a minimal impression yet giving a cooling and soothing sensation.

Make sure you don’t miss this collection. Collecting this minimal glass photo collection might give you a spirit to live and joy the present. It’s worth turning this collection into wall art to decorate your comfortable home. If you find this collection is worth collecting, feel free to click the download link below:

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3 Minimal Glass Photo Collection - (JPG)

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