Free Download 5 Light Leak Overlay VOL 2

Do you want to edit and beautify your photo image more? Then, this collection is definitely for you. 

We are proud to present the Light Leak Overlay to beautify your photo. This is an overlay effect that might make your photo look more vintage and classic. It consists of five overlays which are actually a colorful effect with a gradient color. It could be best for portrait photo overlay so that it can highlight the object in the photo.

The gradient color itself is formed like a natural light. The overlay forms a line light and in a blur style, yep the light leak is provided in a blurry effect to make it more old and vintage. The line light is formed just like to create an anamorphic lens effect instantly. Without much gear needed, you can create a stunning photo result like there is a flare light caught.

There are five overlays which are provided in JPG format. It’s provided in a high resolution JPG so that it’s possible to use this overlay for print or web graphics. Create a stunning photo by combining these overlays, it may generate a modern aesthetic photo to publish.

You can use these overlays easily by using the blending tools. Just the overlay over your photo and switch the blending to screen mode. It would definitely blend with your photo beautifully.

Experimenting this collection with your photos would be a fun experience. And we offer this collection for free, therefore make sure that you are not gonna miss this collection by click the link download below: 

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5 Light Leak Overlay VOL 2 - (JPG)

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