free 4 Top View Sketchbook Copyspace Background

Are you familiar with the preview above? Yes, we’ve launched this kind of collection previously. This time we’re back to give another choice and version for you. This is the Top View Sketchbook Copyspace Collection. It’s like the desk organized with stationary on top of it. It’s arranged in such a way so that it can generate beautiful copyspaces.

The difference with the previous version is its background. Previously, we gave you a black background, and in this collection we provide it with a white background. There are only four copy spaces provided and all of them are captured from the top point of view. We provide it in such a way because we think that it’s the best to serve this version in this way.

The sketchbook, notebook, and pencil are arranged so that it can give spaces for you to put something on it. The arrangement makes the copy spaces elegant and can highlight whatever you put on it to be a point of attention. It may turn your regular text to be more attractive by using this collection perfectly.

We provide this collection in JPG format. It may best be used for web purposes such as upload it on social media, personal website, or more. However, we give this collection in high-res quality. If you want to use this in such a bigger medium, it may be possible to maintain its quality. These raw files are provided in order to make you free to explore with this collection endlessly.

This collection is completely elegant, exclusive, and definitely will generate your content to be amazing. Make sure to have this collection by click the link download below:

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