Xparos Experimental Font

It’s been a few times we aren’t offering our font project. Today we are proud to introduce you to the Xparos Experimental Font!

This font is an experimental font inspired by the binary numeral system. You can see it in the preview above, it is created and formed so that it has the sense of computer programming. At a glance it has the geometric shape, it can refer that this font has a futuristic or technological theme.  

This font can be mentioned as a display font. It will be great to be used to highlight text on posters, flyers, branding, advertising, and so much more. It might be possible to be used for logos. It depends on how you create the design using this font. It is possible to use this on for any kind of project.

Any kind of medium might be suitable to use this font to complement the design. However, this font might be best complementary for a certain theme such as cyberpunk and future themes. Using this font for any kind of design will definitely make your posters or flyers visible from afar and might catch people’s attention.


This font is available in OTF format. We’ve put the best effort to create this font so that it can be provided for you best. Therefore, we only provide this font in premium. You can check the example use of this font in the preview image above. It’ll definitely make your design appealing. So that, don’t miss this font collection and just click the link below:


Xparos Experimental Font - (OTF)

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