Free Online Tools to Generate Color Schemes

Color is the most crucial composition in the design. Choosing the wrong color combination might break the whole design. Because of that, choosing a color scheme could be intimidating and frustrating sometimes. It needs to learn about color theory and harmony and needs experiences as well to be used to.

However, technology exists to ease humans. Today, there are many tools provided online and free that would help us to generate color schemes for design. And in this article, we are going to summarize those online tools which are easy to use and might give appealing color schemes. Without any further ado, here they are:

This happy Hues provides color palettes that can’t be customized. However, scrolling this website would give a different perspective since there are explanations about color psychology that might make you have more understanding about color use. It might develop you in how you can choose color for your project. Another benefit is once you choose the color palette, it will be applied on the website automatically. You can get a preview of how if the color is applied directly.

In Adobe Color, there is a color wheel that would ease you to decide a color scheme. You can choose a base color on the palette below the wheel and it will generate the others to colors which have harmony to build a color palette. You can choose what harmony that you want to try on your palette by choosing which harmony on the side bar. Just if you are not satisfied with the palette result, it’s possible for you to move the line on the wheel and that wouldn’t ruin your palette, yet it might generate other palettes until you find your colors.

Pigment provides so many color palettes which you can customize the Pigment and Lighting. You can choose the base color by clicking the palette symbol below the Pigment and Lighting and automatically it will generate many color schemes. It also lets you generate a color palette from images that you can find by clicking the search bar. You can’t upload your own image, however it’s still helpful because you can find any image by typing your keyword there. It gives so many recommendations.

It gives an interesting experience to generate color schemes using this website. Once you are landed on its page, you can pick the color randomly by directing your cursor anywhere freely. Once you point your color you can click on it. You can choose the harmony that you want to use on the side bar. Then you can change the colors again by directing your cursor wherever and click it whenever you find your palette.

You can choose color from the color wheel and you can choose what harmony that you want to use. Then beside the wheel, there is a combination color that might be suitable and there are various options to choose the color sharpness. There are previews below the wheel, you can check the color used on the object.

Colormind actually lets you arrange your own palette. However, it can generate a color palette that you might be most liked. Just pick one color or more that you want to be on your palette, make sure to lock the color, and click Generate. It will deliver to colors which have harmony. If you still haven’t been satisfied, you can generate it over and over until you find your colors.

This website lets you make your own color palette. Pick one color as a base and then the color remaining are only those that are most suitable for your color chosen. The rest colors for your palette, you can choose it on your own from the color remaining. You can check your palette in the bottom.

In the Parametric Color Mixer, it’s possible to pick two colors that you want to be on your palette and it will generate the shades of those two and build a color palette. It‘s possible to make some adjustment toward the palette by using the knob below the color. There is an interesting experience where you can make adjustments just like mixing the audio files. Just move the knob and find your own colors.

Palette List provides some colors for base. You can pick two of them and it will automatically generate some color palettes. It’s actually easy to use and it gives various appealing color palette recommendations.

It’s different from the previous websites, this Color Kitty only will help you generate color from the image you are uploaded. You can choose how many colors that you want to be in your palette by customizing the Count on the side bar, maximum is 6. And if you are not satisfied with the palette generated, you can move the color picker to the color that you want to be in your palette.

That’s all the tools we find easiest to use and can generate color schemes best. Hope it can help you to make your design more appealing and make your experience in designing more fun. Thanks for your reading, and see ya!

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