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The vector collection is here.

Today we have a collection of the technological illustrations in vector. It consists of four objects, there are monitor pc, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Each of them has two types of styles, they are solid in black color and the other is line art.

Besides it’s an illustration, it can be said as icons as well. It depends on how you use this collection on your creative project. It’s a popular gadget or device these days, therefore it might suit modern design. It might be able to be a complementary on design which has the technological or futuristic design.

It might have endless possibilities to use this collection on any kind of project. You can use it to be an element on posters, flyers, cyber stickers, and more. It’s possible to use this for logo or symbol as well. You are free to use this on any kind of project, you can explore your creativity with it.

This collection is provided in vector which means that this collection can be scaled up endlessly. You can use this on a large medium without reducing its quality. You are able to change its color according to your needs. You are free to customize it as your wish.

It’s absolutely that this collection would be beneficial in many aspects. Therefore, just click the link below to download them:


 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Size - 338 Kb}

4 Digital Device Vector - (PSD)

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