Free DEMO Abstract Liquid Ink Background Texture

Today we have many captivating images that would make you interested. They are the Abstract Liquid Ink which is provided in various styles as raw images. As they are raw, they are in black and white color. It has a high resolution quality which is in 4968x6808 px.

It consists of various textures of liquid surface. It generates some textures such as a liquid spilled, puddle, moving liquid, liquid splashed, liquid marble, and much more. Since it’s in black and white, it’s seen as a kind of alcohol ink splashed. All of those define the abstract fluid art. 

This can be used for any kind of design such as for posters background, packaging design, tumblers, wallpaper, banner, and much more. It might be possible to print them on fabric such as for pillowcase needs. It’s possible to use them as 3d texture as well. It has endless possibilities to use them on any kind of project. You can explore with it according to your preference.

We provide this collection in JPG format. However, it can be said that this collection is a raw material. It’s possible to use them as textures and customize its color, just like the preview image above. You can execute your creative ideas and make them look personalized.

The full package of this consists of 13 abstracts. You can get all of them in the premium version. However, if you want to experiment with the trial first, we have the demo version for free. The demo version consists of 3 abstracts. Both premium and demo links provided below. Surely you’ll be satisfied of all them, therefore if you are interested to have them just click the link below:

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