Free 25 Desk Copyspace for Lettering Mockups

Today we have something interesting for you. This is the Desk Copyspace for Lettering Mockups. It might suit you who loves to practice calligraphy handwriting and want to show your lettering in a stunning way. Combine your hand lettering with these copy spaces and it will turn out to be mesmerizing.

There are 25 copy spaces that you can choose. It’s images where the space is surrounded by stationeries with various arrangements on the white background. The layout is arranged in such a way so that it can highlight your lettering best.

You can use these copy spaces for any kind of project. It might be posting on social media or websites or anything. You are free to experiment with this collection according to your wish.

These copy spaces are provided in JPG format. It’s a raster image, however all of them are having high quality images. Therefore you don’t need to worry about its resolution. It might be able to be used on various projects, however make sure the medium isn’t more than its scalation.

Execute your creative lettering with these copy spaces, it will definitely make your lettering more stunning. If you are interested to this interesting collection, click download below to have them:

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25 Desk Copyspace for Lettering - (JPG)

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