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Several times, we need to add some images to our design. Most of them need a transparent background in order to make the combined image seamless and doesn’t cover what is in the bottom. To do that, we require the PNG format images. It’s not difficult to get them nowadays. There are many websites providing PNG images for free, or if you can’t get what you want you can try to make it yourself instantly. It’s easy to make a transparent PNG image online.

We would separate it for two articles. In this article we are going to recommend some websites where you can get PNG images for free and we would like to recommend you where you can make your PNG images online in another article. For today's talk, here are the websites providing free PNG images:

PNGtree actually provides not only pngs, but also vectors, templates, and other creative illustrations. However, PNGtree has been known as a well known website providing pngs. The vision of the PNGtree is to help designers to save the time, increase their efficiency, and become a source of inspiration.

On PNGtree the download is limited only two times in a day for free users. There is a premium user as well if you think you need it, becoming a premium member might give many benefits. There are millions of PNGs provided and have been reviewed, so that it’s confirmed that the PNGs provided are of the best quality.

This website provides millions of PNGs for free. It ‘s free for personal use, no attribution needed, no credit needed, however linking the website might be appreciated. It doesn’t require any registration to download PNGs from this website.

CleanPNG offers millions of transparent PNGs for free with various categories. It lets you download the PNGs without registering email or login the social media account. You can download it directly right after you click download from your image choices. It also offers the unlimited download benefits.

It doesn’t like any other photostock where the homepage is typically to be images, in PNGimg provides the PNG categories provided in the words. What is interesting is after you click one of the categories, it would bring you where the page provides the explanations about the category. For instance you click on Halloween, there would be explanations about what it is, where it was from, how it is celebrated, and so on. Below the explanations is the PNGs related to the halloween category.

This website provides various PNGs to complete your creative design. Instead of downloading the PNGs one by one, it’s possible to download the PNGs in a bundle, in FreePNGs called bulk download. It’s likely that in FreePNGs we can’t find the PNG illustrations.

On subpng you might find cute PNGs that would complete your unique and creative design. The website is appealing and simple, it only shows the categories, search bar, PNGs sample, and the testimonial. What’s beneficial is it doesn't require any registration to download the PNGs. It is definitely easy to use. 

StickPNG mentions that it’s a place where you can share and download the PNGs for free. It doesn’t require any registration if you want to download PNGs. It would instantly process the download right after you click the download button on your PNGs choices. Even if it’s a sharing place, where anyone can upload PNGs, PNGs provided in this website are curated. You are free to use the PNGs for personal use or educational purposes.

On this website the transparent PNGs are provided for free. This website is designed for people who need free PNGs for their work personally. All the images provided are free to be downloaded and can be used for any non-commercial purpose. It doesn’t require any registration to download PNGs on this website.

PurePNG provides many of PNG resources. It provides the high quality of transparent PNGs which can be downloaded for free. There are cliparts, people, logos, to effects is provided in high resolution transparent photos. You can choose the size of the images that you want to download, and it needs registration to explore on this website.

It’s a platform where millions of transparent PNGs are provided. The images in this platform are uploaded by members and allowed to be downloaded for free. This platform only allows uploading non-copyright images which means that users are free to use the images. It doesn’t limit the multiple downloads.

That’s all for the stock PNGs websites. Each website might have a distinct rules, therefore it’s necessary to pay attention and make sure to understand the agreement and license properly. It's a must to avoid problems in the future.

That's all and wait for the next talk. See you! *Dn

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