Warp & GMAP BADASS Poster Design Template


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Today we have the Warp & GMAP BADASS Poster Design Template. This collection gives some heavy touch in it. It highlights the text which dominates the whole poster. Its text is wavy and distorted, those effects make the text look chaotic. However, that is the point, the chaos text. It gives elegant and strong impressions for the poster.

In this collection, there are 2 poster templates that you can choose. The first one is having the blank background with the subtle crumpled paper filter. It is unique, isn’t it? And the second one is the one that has the background and the gradient map color which you can replace according to your preference.

Those templates are in PSD format. Therefore all of the elements in it are fully editable. You are free to change the spelling of the text, or if you want to modify the layout of the whole text element it can be easy as well. The background of the second poster is changeable as well as the gradient map color in it, those can be changed according to your needs and creativity. 

As we’ve mentioned that this collection has some heavy touch. Generally, this kind of poster is used for music posters especially the one which has hardcore or metal genres. However, it might be possible to use this poster template for other needs. You have the endless chances to experiment with this template once you have this collection. It might be possible to try this poster for product campaigns, launching events, movie posters, or anything. Of course it’ll need some adjustment if you want to use this for any other theme design. 

For attention, this collection is our RARE PROJECT. Please be wise if you want to use this especially if it’s for commercial purposes. Please kindly read our License page first and we would appreciate it. Then, if all the requirement is clear, you can download this collection by click the link below:


NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

1 Warp & GMAP BADASS Poster Design - (PSD)


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