The Crypto Art, Let's Be Familiar

Crypto art has been popular lately. However, it might be that some of you have not known what it actually is. Whereas crypto art can be advantageous for both creator and collector. Using the principle of crypto art might avoid the falsification that has been a persistent issue for artists especially when it comes to digital art. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about it briefly in order to make us informed about what the crypto art is and how the crypto art actually works.

Before we talk about crypto art, we consider that we need to know first what blockchain actually is. Blockchain is a technology used behind the crypto art. For common people one thing comes to mind when we talk about blockchain is might be bitcoin. That’s correct. However, more than that blockchain technology can be applied on any kind of life aspect. Art is no exception.

How come?

Blockchain can refer to a system recording the data or information that can’t be hacked or manipulated. It works like a database, however it doesn’t store the information centralized in one computer yet it is copied and distributed on every computer network. Once the information or block is recorded, it is validated by multiple computers and the information is chained into the previous information making it a blockchain.

Now can you imagine if this technology applied to art?

The art using blockchain is called the crypto art. The crypto art is able to record the creator of the art and whoever owns the art, all the information is chained. Using the blockchain in art also means it is possible for the creator to get royalty once his art is bought from the primer buyer even if he is no longer who owns the art. It means once you create a crypto art it is possible that you will get a passive income in years ahead.

Using blockchain in art means that the art is limited. It can’t be free copied as it’s stored in blockchain. The transactions of buying and selling are treated like it is a physical goods meaning that the digital art will have the same uniqueness and values to physical art. The transactions are recorded properly making it secure the ownership. The data recorded can’t be manipulated. If someone wants to change the record, it needs validation from all the computers in the network. If one computer accepts but the others are not, the change might be rejected.

Because it is stored in blockchain, it means that the transaction of the crypto art can’t be done anywhere. It needs certain places or marketplaces. If the prevalent digital art can be sold in any microstock, it doesn’t for crypto art. In the future article we will talk about the platforms where you can sell the crypto art. Stay tuned and see ya!

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