Personal Vs. Commercial License, What Is It About?

When we are going to download some artwork from any website, we are faced with the question of what license that we are going to buy. Usually there are two options, they are commercial and personal use. It might be that most people are familiar with those two, however have they understood what are they actually about? It seems that some people still misuse these licenses. Frequently we meet someone who harms his reputation itself caused by his ignorance about the license artwork. However, that is not much considering that the worst scenario of an artwork misuse case could end up in court.

To avoid all of those situations, let’s talk about the commercial and personal license more. It can be your guidance in the future once you want to take advantage of some artworks on the internet. To be broadly speaking, there are two common licences. They are commercial and personal. However, usually the commercial license has some more details. For those details, it will be explained more later.

  • Personal License

Regularly, the one that has the cheapest price on the options is the personal license. Personal license also known as non-commercial license. Personal license means whoever wants to buy the license, he can take advantages from the artwork purchased for personal needs only. Personal needs include using the artwork for private decorations, print it out on t-shirt, or you also have the right to use the artwork as a gift for your loved one. You have the rights to use the artworks for anything as long as it isn't used to gain profit from it.

Note that personal license means that the artwork only can be used for an individual person. It can’t be used for personal campaigns or advertisements or even for business related. Whoever has the personal license also doesn’t have the right to print it on t-shirt, mug, or tumblr for his team.

  • Commercial License

Commercial license means whoever buys its license can take advantage of it to gain profit. It is included to reproduce, using the artwork on products that want to sell, even print it out on promotional calendars, t-shirts, bags, etc. We have talked above that it is possible that a commercial license has some more details. Some of it offers limited and extended commercial licenses.

Limited commercial license means that the artwork can be used on some projects in limited times. For instance the creator describes that his artwork can be used on any project only up to 500 copies. If the buyers want to use the artwork in more than the number mentioned, therefore they should buy an extended license one.

Generally, the creators would mention his authority about how if someone wants to use his artwork in detail. It is a must for us, the buyers, the one who take advantage of other people artwork to pay attention to its details. It can be a win-win solution for both the creators and buyers. The creator would get some royalty and the buyers might get profit from the product sales.

Finally, those are some details that you have to know about before you are going to use public artwork. Always pay attention to something you use. In this opportunity we only talk about the license of artwork. However, the other product such as software for instance also have its license. Research before you decide your option. Hopefully, you find it useful. Thanks for your reading and see you, folks!


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