Free Stock Photo and Vector Websites for Commercial Use

License has been common for artists and designers. However, common people don’t know what it is about exactly. We often come across some people use licensed art for merchandise and cover albums or in short they use it for commercial use. Those actions are okay as long as they follow the license rules. However, some of those use art for commercial use without permission or even credit to the artist. At the end, some actions are brought to legal channels. It is possible that the defendant should pay many times more than paying for a license.

To avoid all of that worst possibilities, we would offer you some recommendations where you can get photos and vectors that you can use for free. We would recommend you 4 stock photos and 3 stock vector websites. Some of them are having free and premium versions. If you are willing to pay a little bit, then you don’t need to credit the artist. The websites that we would recommend may have a little different license, there might be some things allowed and prohibited to the images. So, it is a must to check the license first before you download and use images.

For the first part, here we give you 4 free stock photo websites:

This website provides a lot of images which look professional and have high qualities. As we take a look on its homepage, it is displayed images that seem very usable to complete our project. On its license page, they mention that all the images are free to download and use, permissible for both commercial and non commercial use, and those don’t need any permission. However, it would be appreciated if we give credit to the artist. For notes, it’s not allowed to resell images without significant modifications. It’s not allowed to create a similar or competing service of Unsplash by using images from it as well.

Second website is Pexels. Once we land on its homepage, we are provided by images which are arranged by its color theme. It’s a very warm welcome for the visitors. The images displayed also have professional and high qualities photos. Same as the Unsplash, on Pexels we are free to use the images, doesn’t require attribution, and we are free to edit and modify images. There are some prohibited actions as well, you can read it on its License page yourself. However, broadly speaking it has similar rules to Unsplash.

The next is Morguefile. This website provides the same service as the two previous websites. The License is also the same. We aren't allowed to claim their images as ours. About the quality, it might be that it has a lower quality compared to the two previous. However, it’s still usable and if you are willing to, you can explore more on its website. It can be sure that there are some images that have high qualities.

The last for this part is Pixabay. The License is the same, however it has high quality images. It is free for commercial and non commercial use, however some images might have an enclosed “what’s not allowed” on its description. Therefore, pay your attention once you choose to use the images.

Those are our 4 free stock photo websites recommendations. Going to the next part, here are the 3 free stock vector websites that we would recommend:

Pixabay doesn’t only provide photos, it is providing vectors such as illustration or any kind related as well. For the License, it doesn’t have any difference to the previous stock photo.

Second is Publicdomainvectors. This website provides any kind of vector that might be needed. On its page has a lot of ads, it seems that those are the income source as they can provide a lot of vectors for free. It seems that their homepage doesn’t display a high quality vector, however it is possible if it has some. So, it might be that we just need to explore more to find the one we need.

The last one is Vecteezy. On its homepage there are a lot of vectors with “PRO” labels on them. It seems that we need to be a member and pay a little bit every month if we want to use them. Some vectors don't have any labels, however it is necessary to credit the author once we use them. This website also provides a few other limitations. Be careful and make sure to always check its license first.

Finally, those are our recommendations. Hopefully it can inspire. Again, before using the photos or vectors, please take a look at all their License pages if you don’t want to get trouble in the future caused by using it in the wrong way. Enough for today, see you next, folks!



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