Pink & Blue Double Exposure Poster Design Template

Today’s offer is Pink & Blue Double Exposure Poster Design!

This poster design is in dark nuance with the two women portraits which compiled into double exposure. Those portraits are like giving an alter ego impression in the design. As if there is the other side in them. Those flat expressions show the stressful yet quiet atmosphere in it. In this collection you can make the poster both in horizontal and vertical mode. You can choose which one is most suitable to your project. Both are appealing. 

Even if we’ve given you a ready poster, you still can adjust it according to your preference. This poster is available in PSD format, therefore all the elements are fully editable. It’s easy and free to modify them. The background of its exposure can be adjusted according to the photo used. It can be in dark or light depending on the photo lighting. Even the gloomy nuance from our template can be cheerful if you want to. All of those changes are according to the photo used.

Its poster design can be used to promote or campaign movies, music, theatre, or any event that may need it. It is possible to use this poster design to campaign on any movement such as charity, mental health, women empowering, even environmental care. It has endless possibilities to use this design on any kind of project, it depends on how you process it.

If you have any project in the near future, you can try to use this design on yours. Kindly click the link below if you want experience with this poster design:


NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

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