Free Download 4 Lens Blur Photo Effect & Poster Template


Today we have the Lens Blur Photo Effect & Poster Template. It might suit you who are looking for something that may help you to make some posters with the soft glam look on top of it. Or if you just want to use the lens blur effect for your portrait, it is possible. Those blur effects combined with portrait photography will work best together.

This collection consists of a poster template where you can choose which blur effect that may suit well for the background used. There are four blur effects provided. You can check them in the second image above. There are blurry in the bottom, bottom-right, top-left, and fully right side. 

This template is available in PSD format which means that you can modify it easily. You can edit the text, rearrange them, or if you only want the benefit of the blur effect you can remove the entire text. All the elements are fully editable. You are free to modify them according to your creative ideas.

Using this template may turn your design to have a minimal and soft impression. The blurry effect may help to focus the design to the point that wants to be highlighted. Using only the blur effect also could make the photo look more alive. At the end, it would be very beneficial if you can have this template. You can create your amazing own portrait, or you can use this template to make posters, art prints, campaigns, etc.

The entire elements of this template may turn your design to look classy and elegant. Therefore don’t miss this collection and just click the link below:


NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

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