Free Download 4 Leaf Background

If you are looking for something fresh and joyful, let's try to check this offer.

Today we have the leaf background collection which consists of four detailed leaves. This collection is shot in macro mode so that it's appearing the close up of it. It shows the details of its vein textures clearly.

In this collection there are tropical leaves such as banana, teak, and taro leaf. One of them is showing the details of the back leaf, and the rest are showing the front details. You can check them on the image above. They give the mesmerizing impression once we see it.

This collection can be used for the background alone, or if you want to you can use this as an element to complete your creative design. It might be possible to use this for posters, flyers, blog, social media, and much more. It might suit if you are using this collection at summer or spring season.

These backgrounds are available in JPG format. However, we offer this collection not in bad quality. Therefore it might be possible that you can experiment with this collection. Try to combine this collection on any creative project, the result may be unexpectedly amazing. Get all of the backgrounds by click the link below:


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