Basics of Graphic Design: Brand Identity

Here we are in another series of basics of graphic design. In this article we are going to talk about brand identity. Brand identity is all about branding and identity. Simply, branding is much related to how people think about yourself, product, company, or else. While identity is what people see in yours. And now, the brand identity that we are going to talk about is the whole visual identity or elements that you can put to be the identity of yours.

Why does brand identity matter?

Have you ever chosen products based on how it is shown visually? Yep, brand identity matters because it will influence people's expectations of your product. Brand identity is the preview of your product. If you can make people convinced about your product by delivering an appealing design of packaging for instance, it will increase the possibilities people will choose or buy your product instead of the others. It will increase sales and be followed by the increase of income.

Understanding the visual identity will make you more thoughtful when it comes to design decisions. It isn’t only for business, you can apply this on your personal design such as for resume, social media, or personal websites. If you remember about the compositions, this topic might be related. Determining the brand identity will show the characteristic and it will ease the work as well since the work has the pattern. We will talk further about the main component of the brand identity one by one.

  • LOGO

Logo can be defined as something that can identify your product. It can be a mark, word, or both. The simpler the better. It will easily be recognized and remembered by people. Note that all the elements (color, font, the way it looks) in the logo are working together to impress people. Paying attention to how it is arranged is important.

Logo will appear everywhere. So that, once you publish it and want to change it further, it might bring a big impact on how people perceive it. Since it will be put on everywhere, make sure to keep your logo master digital copy. The logo master must be in high quality and possible to be used on any kind of project. It is for preparation just in case you want to print the logo on a large platform.


Color gives a strong impression for viewers. Using a color palette will define the brand in a powerful way and it might give a harmony if it’s used in multiple projects. Usually, a color palette design is derived by the color logo itself. From those, the color can be expanded to define the color characteristic of the brand. Avoid using colors which clash each other, you can define the color by following the guide that we’ve talked before in another series of basics of graphic design. Make sure to include neutral colors on your design, it will definitely make your brand color stand out.


Text can be defined as a simplest element, however it is expressive in some way. Choose the different font and it can change the entire feel of your design. Most of the brands use two to three fonts in once. Make sure that fonts which are chosen are the reflection of your brand. Note to use professional yet trendy fonts. Avoid using fonts which are outdated and overused. You can learn more detail about typography in our article about typography that we’ve published.


Images can be a huge element on a design. It can be used to showcase the characteristics of the brand and can help to build the impression for the viewers. In professional, images usually are made specifically for certain brands. For instance is the images for catalog, websites, or any app. If you don’t have it, or can’t make it specifically, you can choose the images from some photo stocks which have some similarities. For instance it has the same signature line or similar color. However, it can be tricky sometime. Make sure to avoid images that lack context or frequently appear in other designs. Choose the genuine one which features people, place, and things. Show the unique point of view of the images. We’ve talked more about images in some previous articles, you can find it out on our website.

Combining all those together will build the visual identity of your brand. It’s not just a marketing tool, instead it will build the awareness of people toward your brand. Make sure to have a clear vision of your brand, definitely you’ll easily determine the fonts, colors, and images to use. Once you find the pattern, it can be used continuously and keep people remember your brand. Keep in mind that what’s shown reflects how the brand wants to be looked at. So, make sure to pay attention to how you deliver your campaign. 

That’s all for today, hopefully you find it helpful. Thanks for your reading and see you in another article!


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