Shutterstock New Earnings Updated, Is It Still Worth?

Shutterstock is one of the most popular microstock which gives a fairly high earnings among the other microstock. However, in the middle of 2020 it has changed its earning structure. If in the past the contributors level is based on their lifetime earnings, in the new earnings structure the level is based on the work that has been licensed by the customers. Furthermore, the level would be reset on January 1st every year.

At first, the update got so many bad reactions especially from old contributors. They rejected the update as they thought that their work wasn't appreciated. They had to drop their level to the lowest in the new structure after all their hard work to make the way to top. And the other problem is in the new structure, the earning is not in a specific number anymore. The earning is in percentage where the contributors don’t know what number actually their work has been paid. They thought that it would decrease their earnings in the future. On the other hand, the new contributors benefited since the new structure gives them the same opportunities with the old contributors.

Then, is it true that the new update is as bad as imagined?

We have been contributors for Shutterstock since 2015. We argue that the new structure update which previously thought to be detrimental is not totally true. A few months after the new structure ran, our earnings were still in consistent numbers compared to previous months. It might be caused by single and on demand sales are higher than the others category. However, we acknowledge for the subscription we are cheaply appreciated, it’s depending on contributor level.

It seems that Shutterstock plays price and takes risky decisions, in fact most of contributors are opposed to this earnings structure update. The bad thing is, sometimes the monthly earnings are fluctuating in a wide gap. We acknowledge with the same sales, it gives various earnings. Sometimes, it gives low earnings but at other times it will increase many times over.

At the end, we believe that the new structure earnings update is not totally detrimental especially for old contributors. It depends on how we make the strategy. If the old contributors argue that all their hard work isn’t appreciated, they feel that they are on the same level as a newbie at the beginning of every year, it’s not totally true. In fact, old contributors have had so many stocks uploaded which means the chance of their work is displayed and bought is higher. However, the competition is real, there are always new contributors in this field, it is a must to be consistent to defend our position.

Finally, it is the end for today. Keep your hard work, thank you for reading, and see you, folks!


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