Passive Income for Designer Graphic & Photographer

Most of the designers and photographers are working based on clients demand. However in some conditions like pandemic time, those client based projects couldn’t be reliable anymore. In short, creative workers should have alternatives for making money in any situation. One of the solutions is having passive income.

Passive income could be explained as additional earnings which don't need much effort to earn. On a serious note, it takes serious but less effort. However, once we could maintain the sources we could have additional earnings for some time or even for the next years. By this time, technology could help us in any life aspect. The Internet makes us connect to people from all around the world easily. We can do face to face meeting, online learning, selling products through marketplace, and of course we could sell creative products through the internet as well. Furthermore, creative workers could earn much more clients from the whole world. How come? Here we have 5 recommendations for you:

1. Microstock (Selling Retail Product)

Microstock is a part of stock photography industry. It is also known as micropayment photography which anybody could sell their images in retail. In microstock, images are sold at a low rate price. However, the beneficial thing is microstock companies usually accept images from amateurs and hobbyists. Therefore, for whoever has images or photos stock you could sell yours in microstock. Who knows someone from nowhere is interested to buy. You could make money of it.

Then, where could we sell those things? There are so many microstock companies in the world. Here we could give you some example and recommendations :

Shutterstock might be the most popular of microstock companies. Someone who sells their images is called as contributor. In their homepage, Shutterstock mentions that they help creative professionals from all backgrounds. No matter who we are, it might be that they would accept our images as long as qualified. However, it’s not only images, they also offer photos, vectors, illustrations, footage video, and music. Therefore, contributors could sell any other creative project as well.

Adobe Stock doesn’t have much differences to Shutterstock. They explain that they give service which provides designers and business with access to millions of high quality curated and royalty free artwork. They provide photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and template for all creative projects. 

123RF claimed themselves as a royalty free digital media library. Similar to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, 123RF provides a variety of creative projects on it such as images, video footage, audio clips, and illustrations.

They are several microstock companies. There are many other microstock that you could find through the internet. You could choose one which is well-matched to you, or you could sell yours in all microstock as well.

2. Open shop (Selling Product in Bundle)

If in microstock you could sell your artwork in retail, by using an open shop you could sell in a bundle set. It doesn’t have much differences to microstock, it’s only about how they sell the product whether in retail or bundle set. Some recommendations that you could try are:

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted digital design content. They claimed themselves to not give a frustrating review process when contributors want to sell their new product. They also give opportunity for contributors to explain more about their product, therefore the customers would get a clear explanation of artwork which they are interested to. Creative Market provides graphic only, creative workers couldn’t sell music or video through this platform.

Shopify is an e-commerce website where contributors could sell any digital product. It has similarities to Creative Market where contributors could sell any kind of digital product in a bundle set. Other than that, in Shopify contributors could sell music and video as well. Shopify gives an interesting offering as contributors could customize their domain and display shop. However, for some people it might be a little bit complicated to start. Therefore, better to read the guidelines carefully.

Sellfy is having much similarities to Shopify where the creators could sell their digital product by opening their personal storefront. Furthermore, at Sellfy creators could sell physical products as well. Sellfy provides users to sell ebooks, comics, design assets, music, video, or any type of digital file. Other than that, users are allowed to sell digital subscriptions or print-on-demand merchandise. We would talk more about print-on-demand (POD) things in another part.

3. Selling Course or Video Tutorial

In this internet era we wouldn’t find difficulties once we want to learn something. We could find tutorials or courses on the internet easily. In fact we could learn anything about science, life hacks, or anything we want to know. Have you ever thought of becoming the one who provides those learning? Creative workers might have skills that everybody wants to. Therefore, it might be a good chance to make money from this opportunity. You could try these platforms to make a first move:

Who doesn’t know youtube these days? Youtube provides any kind of video content. From the entertaining content to educational things. Youtube users are from all ages in all around the world. Once users make content, it would increase their opportunity to be better known and might increase the opportunity to earn active income as well (clients from Youtube). The users who enjoy creator's content might not give income directly, Youtube is the one who would. At the first move, Youtube wouldn’t give as well. The video which has been made needs to reach a certain number of viewers. Those are the times creators need to maintain their effort and consistency. Again, once we have maintained, it would be easier afterwards.

If Youtube is filled with a bunch of variety videos, Skillshare is focused on educational things. Skillshare is an online learning community which provides thousands of classes on video basis. We can access any kind of creative skill videos learning such as fashion, photography, movie, writing, business, and much more. Because this platform is focused on online learning, therefore once users come to this site they are ensured to learn only. If you don't want to compete with a variety of entertaining videos, Skillshare would be well-matched to try. 

Many creative workers have their own website to display their artwork. Unfortunately, usually they only use a free access website. It might be a good move for a newbie. However when the artwork has been valuable enough and might have its fans, it should be better to try a website subscription. By using a subscription website, visitors need to pay a certain number if they want access to content on your website. It would be profitable for the owner of the website. If you want to try this website subscription, you can try using wordpress,, squarespace, etc. They have similar functions, it depends on you which one is most suitable for you.

4. Print on Demand (POD) – Selling Merchandise

Creative workers could sell their merchandise by this POD (Print On Demand) term. Usually this term refers to a customizable product by customers. In this case, creative workers could exhibit their design on online marketplace or something similar. By using online marketplace, creative workers could sell their merchandise to all around the world. There are some marketplaces which facilitate creative workers to print and ship their merchandise. It would ease the creative workers, they only need to exhibit their design and the rest would be finished by the marketplace. Here are some recommendations marketplaces for you:

Redbubble is a global online marketplace which is based on print-on-demand products. The products are submitted by users. In Redbubble only creative artwork could be submitted. By submitting your artwork here, you could earn a passive income. After your artwork is submitted, if any customer wants to buy your merchandise Redbubble would finish the process.

Printful is working the same way as Redbull. However, instead of uploading the artwork, by using Printful we can integrate it to our own website. Other minus is Printful doesn’t come with any built-in analytics. It might be a difficulty in itself to reach out targeted customers.

Teespring is the same with Redbull and Printful. Furthermore, in Teespring creators could integrate their shop to their social media. Creators could promote their products to their fans and community directly. Other than that, creators could build their shop according to their personal preference. The rest inludes production, shipping, and customer support are handled by Tesspring and creators get the profit they deserve.

5. Influencer/Endorse

In this modern era, traditional campaigns such as ads on television, flyers, billboards, etc are getting worn out. It actually still works, however the impact isn't as big as endors campaigns by influencers. People nowadays rely on social media. They access everything from their phone easily. People bring their phone with them anytime and anywhere. They interact with the influencers most of the time, therefore influencers are easy to get engaged with their followers. It is likely promising for creative workers to start to be influencers, here are some our recommendations:

Instagram is a platform where users share any kind of visual project (images and videos). Once you get lots of followers which love your artwork, you could get engaged with them. When the interactions build a good engagement, it can be used to share influence. People who need campaigns might contact you to ask you to promote their business.

As we have discussed, Youtube is a big platform where a variety of videos are shared. People try to find learning on Youtube, however it might be nothing more than those seeking entertainment. Other than that, creators could make both educational and entertaining videos. The more people get engaged with you, the more your influence gives impact. Instead of only earning money from Youtube, users can earn money from people who need to campaign their business.

Facebook is the parent company of Instagram. However, users of Facebook share anything such as images, videos, articles, etc. The main core is the same, the more you build engagement to your Facebook community, the more influence and impact you give to the community.

The most recent social media is Tiktok. Users share a variety of short videos. These days, users share creative, educational, entertaining videos, etc on Tiktok. People are interested to use Tiktok because it might not consume much of time to watch a video as it is only provides short video. In short, Tiktok has become one of social media which gives a big influence. Creative workers could start to make short content and get engaged to other users. Some businesses start to ask users who have a good engagement with their followers to campaign their business. This could be a good move for creative workers to start making short video content about creative projects.

Those are some recommendations that might be options to start earn a passive income for designers and photographers. However, it is possible for everyone who needs or wants to earn passive income to try these out. Hopefully this article would be beneficial, you can keep this article by yourself or share it with everyone who might be in need of this kind of article. Thank you and see you on the next articles, folks!



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