Dreamy Poster Design Template - PSD File


For you who are looking for dreamy poster design, this offer might be suitable for you.

We have the Dreamy Poster Design Template which has a gentle and authentic look. It is having a dark atmosphere, however how the elements are combined make the design still look peaceful, quiet, and confident. All the combinations make the design look like in vintage or retro theme.

At a glance, this design gives an old school and moody impression. However, it makes more sense if this design is having an elegant look. This design poster can be used for promotions or campaigns for movie, theater, musical, show, party, etc. You can use this design on any occasion. This design describes that there are dreams and hopes that can be imagined.

This template is available in PSD format. Therefore, it is fully editable to add or reduce the elements. You can change the photo, use only the filter, or anything. You can edit and explore this template according to your creativity. Or if you want to get other collections of film grain and dust texture overlay, you can check our previous post. We also have the folded cardboard texture on our website.

Please, make a note that this poster design is our Rare Project. Please read our License page especially if you are going to use this design for commercial use. If you are interested to this unique Dreamy Poster Design Template, you can get it by click the link below: 


NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

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