Free Nostalgic Instagram Story Template Design

This kind of design has been trending in the past, we also return this trend to your needs as branding on social media. today's retro design trend is more simpler, minimalistic and clean. the color composition is made obsolete which uses a lot of yellow, brown, cream and black colors. you can still change the color, layout composition and text as needed. In addition, there is a layer of photos that you can fill with your photos. this design also have a cliping mask in retro basic shape such as elliptical, semicircular, square etc. this design is very simple but has a luxurious style. that's because of the elegant serif font. download six photoshop templates at the link below.

NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

x6 Nostalgic Instagram Story Template - (PSD)

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