Free Download 3 Plastic Warp Texture Background - JPG File

Plastic background for texture is the most searched image at this year. the plastic texture is widely processed into over art design. This reason because music trends are becoming more accessible. Many people created music that recalled the due when DVD tapes exploded. Plastic is an important part, where the purchase of a DVD cassette is always wrapped in plastic. Therefore, the hype of plastic texture becomes a trend as music is already available in digital format. Many music album cover designs using plastic texture.

In the link below I've created a plastic texture that you can use to create a graphic design for your music album, or your music cover art. Download it for free even you can use it for commercial.

Size: 30 MBFiles Included: Plastic Warp Texture (JPG) 

NOTE: Check license page before using the project. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below.

Plastic Warp Texture (JPG) 


  1. kenapa kok di bikin gratis semua mase? padahal juga ada yg di stock merket juga?

    1. stock dibawah 5 emang di gratisin, kalo ada 10 lebih baru dibundle. rincinya 2,3 untuk demo. jadi kalo stock diatas sebenarnya sama aja seperti demo.

  2. makasih ya mass, yang ada di sini sangat membantu saya matur suwun

  3. Thanks!!!, So good I Hope yo do It right for tour artwork, i fell by Your side.

    Try to see mine (freebies):

    Have I nice One....

  4. kok susah ya bro di download...traficnya terlalu sibuk


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