Vandemi Handwritten Font - PREMIUM asset

Logos or designs typically use fonts that are bold, fancy, serif, san Serif, etc. However, nowadays the logo and graphic design start to become more personalized. such as with this font, we create it very personal. Vandemi has a friendly theme. In addition, we also set up some fonts that you can use. Vandemi 01 has a strong thickness, with a hard edge and a curved body shape. Vandemi 2 has a more supple anatomy. While the bonus Vandemi is a font for decoration, can be used for logos and other designs.

Size: 554 KBFiles Included: Vandemi01, 02, Bonus (otf & EPS)

NOTE: Appreciate my work with does not sell or upload this Project in any website. If the file is damaged or cannot be downloaded, please report it with the comment below. Please respect my rules because I've worked so hard to make this project.

Vandemi01, 02, Bonus (otf & EPS)


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