How to Create Retro Wave Style Cover Art Design - Photoshop Tutorials

Before watching the video tutorial, you need to download the materials needed in the design.

Old Film 1 NoiseDOWNLOAD
Old Film 2 NoiseDOWNLOAD
Strong Concrete Font: DOWNLOAD
Monument FontDOWNLOAD
Holidayfree FontDOWNLOAD


 Free Final Project (PSD)

This design is a vaporwave style, or a typical retro wave 80s design. However, in this cover design I used human objects as a design interest. Basically, retro wave design is only text and digital lanscape. In this design I tried to take the concept of color and style, then implemented into the design of music cover art or posters. I designed it using Photoshop, a lot of techniques to learn, so watch all the explanation on the video above.


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