How to Create Cyberpunk Color Grading in Photoshop

Before watching the video tutorial, you need to download the materials needed in the design.

Photo Landscape 1DOWNLOAD 
Photo Landscape 2DOWNLOAD 
Photo Landscape 3: DOWNLOAD 
Night Cityscape Cyberpunk 2 LUTs: DOWNLOAD 
Tutorial Color Grading 3: Watch 

 Free Final Project (PSD)

We made a video tutorial on how to create a cyberpunk color grading with Photoshop, in the video above, we explained 3 ways of creating a cyberpunk color grading with different results. You can choose one to try at home. In addition, if you confusion, we provide a finished project that you can access in the download link above. Creating a cyberpunk color grading is a little difficult because it has to look for photos that support a typical cyberpunk contrast color. Look at the contrast, and the landscape of the photo, try to have many objects such as cables, grungy, signboards, neon lamps, etc.

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