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Description & Tutorial

This particular project we made for you who likes to create text effect design or lettering design. This project is very popular among the creators of hand lattering or calligraphy. but in practice, you are confused would be very difficult to create the beauty of the colors and shapes of the letters. for the very beginner you about lattering, could make a beautiful letter then please put a streak of paint on the top layer of the letter.

making text effect with streak paint can be created through digital, such as adobe illustrator or 3D applications. but it will be very difficult to make it if you can not get such an application. If you make it in traditional, please make a streak of paint using oil paint, use the technique of mixing some beautiful color


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  1. Thank you! The finished letter looks really cool!

  2. i can't download this brush stroke it says network problem but i downloaded many things today without problem from other sites thanks


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