Free Download Bear Scratches Photoshop Brush - ABR File

Description & Tutorial

These photoshop brushes I created specifically for you who like to create designs with the theme hard to survive. in the package there are 10 brushes that are ready to be used. these brushes can be opened with the program photoshop. for information about how to install, you simply double-click the file ABR. automatic brush will be installed in the application. If it does not work, please close and reopen the program photoshop. Another alternative for attaching the brush is to select the Brush tool in photoshop. right-click on the page, then click the wheel icon menu and select load brush. After that please input file ABR you have downloaded.


Name: Bear Scratches Brush
Total: 10
Type File: Photoshop ABR
Minimum Adobe: Photoshop CC
Dimention: 2000 x 2000 px
Size: 500KB


Bear Scratches Brush : Download


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