Free Hand Drawn Weather Icon Vector Collection

The weather nowadays is uncertain. It could be a sunny day, but suddenly it changes to heavy rain. It could be snowy but then turning to sunny. All of them may be caused by climate change that possibly occurs not in a short time only. It’s been a big issue, and many campaigns have been conducted. To support the environmentally friendly movement, and increase this issue awareness, we created the weather illustration in a cute style.

This weather illustration consists of the illustration or icon of the cool sunny, the pleasant cloud, the clear night depicted with a smiley crescent moon, kind of scary stormy weather, and other common weather illustrations. Those weather are drawn in cute line-art illustrations, making it more attractive for creating campaign projects. It can steal the attention effortlessly as people of different ages love this kind of cute icon illustration.

There are png and eps formats provided in this package, with each type providing 15 illustrations. With minimalist line art, this weather illustration can be versatile for creating various projects. It could be impressive for a campaign, but it’s also possible to create an educational project, be it a graphic element, sticker, poster decoration, and many more. With the vector provided, it’s like there are no impossibilities.

If you are interested in using this weather illustration for your upcoming project, you would be excited because we offer this package for free. Create whatever is in your mind, and it would be captivating somehow. Without any further ado, you can get it for free by clicking the link below:

15X Hand Drawn Weather Icon - (VECTOR & PNG)

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