Free DEMO Devian Abstract Background

Giving a textured background in your design can bring a significantly different look rather than using a plain background. Using a textured background can be an option when you think your design is too mediocre to be presented. It's no doubt, a textured background collection can be so helpful. And in this collection, what we would offer is a smooth liquid background providing texture design.

If you see the previews, you may find it familiar. It's because we have launched a similar one, but one to another has its own specialty. In this collection, we call it the smooth liquid background. It's because the texture lines are smoothed or blurred rather than the previous liquid background. Therefore, if the previous collection provided a firm look, this collection gives a calm impression. The color texture looks like it's well blended, made by the flowing of liquid oil paint.

There are 20 JPGs provided in this package that could be versatile for many things. Even if it couldn't be edited, it's in high-resolution quality. Therefore, you can use this smooth liquid background for many things such as wedding invitations, stationary patterns, identity design, packaging, wallpaper for your pc, and so on. You can probably do beyond using this collection only.

As we mentioned that we provide it in good quality, meaning that you can probably use this smooth liquid background endlessly. You can create many things with these free materials that of course, it's a benefit for you. Yap, we offer this collection for free, so you can quickly download it and start to design with your creativity. If you are interested, here's the link where you can download it:

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3x Devian Abstract Background (JPG)

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