Free 10 Monoline Badge Vector Illustration

Monoline design becomes trendy these days because it represents simplicity, uniqueness, and attractiveness. Somehow, it can be an elegant element to be displayed as a logo or badge for business or community. So, this is not surprising if you often encounter a cafe, restaurant, or even service that uses this monoline style for their identity. It matches what people love these days, which simplicity takes over the trend. Hence, here we present the monoline badge design that is ready to use for any need.

In this collection, the monoline badge design was created as nature-inspired. There are 10 badges, and all of them are filled with the landscape illustrated in monoline style. Somehow, it looks attractive how the landscape scenery combined with the monoline illustration style. There is sunset, mountain, sea, desert, and more. The monoline was created in golden color and placed on a black background, you can find it attractive, right? However, it’s a vector that is customizable endlessly. You can edit the color and upsize it as you wish without worrying that it would be damaged.

Using this collection for an identity badge for outdoor services could be best. However, it can also be a community badge or even a cafe logo. This collection can interpret that something symbolized by this monoline badge is environmentally conscious. Only if you are interested in collecting this monoline badge design, below you can download it for free:

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10x Monoline Badge Design- (EPS)

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