Free 3 Washing Hand Stock Photos

As we’re in a pandemic, keeping hygiene is a must. Particularly in public spaces, we need to regularly wash our hands. It’s necessary to keep our hands hygiene because we use our hands almost in every situation. The possibility of bacteria and viruses entering our body increases when we touch something then we touch our face right after. Since then, we could be infected if we have a bad antibody at the moment.

The campaign reminding people to wash their hands properly is still encouraged. In this case, a proper design is needed. To expand your collection in the health care element, we offer these high-quality stock photos for you. In this pack is the washing hand stock photo, there are three photos offered. Those show the close-up look or the details about how to wash hands properly. It’s not step by step, but what we highlight in this pack is some parts that people often ignore.

These stock photos are of high quality. You may use it for a background poster or campaign in a public space. No need to worry if it’s printed it would be pixelated. If you are interested, you can get it free by clicking the link below:

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3X Washing Hand Stock Photo - (JPG)

Artist: @farizalame

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