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As we feel the climate change is real, people started to be aware of what they’re using and how it will impact their environment. To answer and fulfill their needs, producers need to adjust them as well. Producers can replace their ingredients or make a movement that brings a good impact on the environment. At least they can deliver that the production doesn’t spoil it more.

Delivering a message that the producers are listening and caring for their customers and a place where they live can be done simply by putting some nature-friendly logo on their packaging or advertisement. Putting a simple logo like our collection today can be an answer for the producers.

We have a collection of tree monoline vector icons that is simple and minimalist. Adding one logo to your branding can be simple work. Yet, it gives an impact on the customers, especially those that are caring for their earth. This vector collection can represent something that is ecologically or nature-friendly, organic, or has a good responsibility to the environment. It suits to be put on the packaging of cosmetics, food, or even used as a logo shop or cafe. It can be versatile, depending on how you want to be creative with it.

There are 15 tree illustrations, so you can make anything without doubting that it would look overused. If you are interested, you can click the link below to download it for free:

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15x Tree Monoline Vector Icon - (EPS)

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