Free 10X Rough Wall Texture Background VOL 2


Previously, we’ve offered the rough wall texture background collection. There were textures of concrete walls, the arrangement of stones, bricks, gravel, etc. As it has been some time today, we would offer volume 2 consisting of other various rough wall textures. 

In this collection, the wall texture collection looks older, worn out, and ruined. Some textures have concrete in half, and the other half is broken. So, it shows the bricks component in them. This collection also provides some mossy concrete textures, the weathered painted wall, uneven surface of the painted brick wall, and so on.

There are 10 textures in this collection in JPG formats and provided in high resolution. You can use this collection endlessly for any kind of design. More than that, it can also be timeless. If you are interested in collecting it, click the link below to download it for free:

 {getDownload} $text={Download} $size={ ZIP File - Comercial use}

10x Rough Wall Texture Background - (JPG)

Artist: @farizalame

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