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Futuristic design can be exhaustive if it's created by futuristic elements as well. One of the essential elements is the font used. Font can affect the impression of the design as a whole. Is it compatible with the design, suits the current trend, or has it been outdated and overused? It's better to use the modern font, meaning that it isn't outdated and overused because the overused font can be considered boring and affects people's attractiveness to the design.

To avoid those possibilities, Sunjun has created a font in futuristic style. It looks like it's technological because as we see the font, we may remember the appearance of the earliest generation of computer technology. It's marked as a turning point for the industrial revolution, so we can assume this kind of font represents the modernity, technological, and futuristic theme. Sunjun has named it the Sejoyo font.

This Sejoyo is a futuristic and modern font. We've said that this font may make us remember the old computer, but we can also see that this kind of font is often used in technological or science design. To avoid the overused-ness look, Sunjun created it with his personalized touch to make it look fresh.

Sunjun offers this font in regular and bold styles. He created it carefully with full attention so the characters can be distinguished. However, it's still better not to use this font in such a small size. It may be hard to read. In addition, this font only provides letters and numbers. Therefore, this Sejoyo font may be best to create title, headline, highlight, etc.

It's Sunjun's second font, and this Sejoyo font is offered for free whatever if it's for commercial or personal use. You can benefit from this font freely and endlessly. It's a pleasure for us if you use this font for your design masterpiece. As it's offered for free, you can directly download this Sejoyo font at the link below and be creative with your design right away.

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