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If you’ve followed us for a long time, you might know that a watercolor artist participates in our team. You might know that before, he has published his watercolor paintings that were approved as beautiful artworks. Yes, he is Sunjun, one of our artists that loves to create beautiful artworks. He is a specialist in watercolor use. However, he is also capable of creating illustrations or any artwork using other tools, even digital.

Sunjun has done many projects for us. This time, we’re proud that Sunjun finally launches his personal project on our website. It’s a Viante Font that he has created carefully. He put his hard work into providing this modern font collection. He got the idea to create this font by exploring many fonts on the internet and decided to create a futuristic font. He said that while creating this font, he thought that this font might be a versatile font for any graphic design for a website or print.

Anyway, this font provides a futuristic and modern style. This font is indeed versatile since when we look at it, we know that many projects are possible to use this font. Moreover, Sunjun created it in 3 types. There are regular, bold, and outline styles in OTF. As you can see in the previews above, it’s provided in uppercase only. However, it’s completed with the alphabet, numbers, and also punctuation. Your needs can be done quickly only by using this font. You can use this font for creating a poster, flyer, wedding invitation, movie campaign, music cover, title on magazines or newspapers, etc. All are possible using this font only.

Sunjun said font is essential to create a stunning design. Besides layout and image, a font can add the beauty and harmony of the artwork. Because of that, he made this font done. He hopes this font can be beneficial to help you all create a distinct and stand-out design. Sunjun offers this font for free for any purpose, including commercial uses. The download link where you can get this font is provided at the end of this post.

After publishing this font, Sunjun would create many artworks ahead. He would create many other illustrations and drawings as it’s his early basic skill he has. He would pursue his watercolor painting because, personally, watercolor is healing. And he wants his watercolor paintings to be shown in many exhibitions. We support every step he takes, and if you do, you can check his future artworks on createby.sunjun (Instagram). We all are curious about what other surprises that Sunjun would give us. So, make sure to keep update and quickly download this Viante Font below:

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